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Personal Tax Return Filing in Richmond Hill – Professional and Affordable

April 30th. It isn’t a holiday but everyone has it marked on the calendar.  It is the deadline to file your declaration of income to Canada’s Customs and Revenue Agency. To not do so could result in huge penalties. If additional taxes are owed these are also due on April 30th otherwise suffer the horrors of continually accruing interest that will be added to the overdue amount. Even if you can’t pay the taxes you owe for any reason it is imperative that you adhere to the April 30th deadline.  This small step will ensure that you will not be charged the penalty of not filing.

north york personal income tax return filingBut tax time doesn’t have to cause sleepless nights. Chista Group has been providing money saving tax preparation throughout the Greater Toronto Area for over a decade. Not only do our professionals have a complete understanding of the ever-changing and often frustrating CRA Tax Codes but also they can prepare your tax return for you, minimizing your tax liability and saving you money in the process. Together with your Chista Group professional team, you will develop a strategy to maximize your income while simultaneously reducing the amount you owe in taxes. Our services are fast, affordable and always putting your financial well-being first.

What can tax preparation professionals do for you?

Even the smallest changes in the CRA Tax Codes can result in hundreds of thousands of dollars in tax liability if not properly addressed. And let’s face it the Canadian Tax Codes are constantly changing. That is where Chista Group comes in. The up-to-date knowledge, skill and familiarity with all Canadian Tax Codes will ensure each client will maintain the maximum amount of their income.

Every individual is unique. That is especially true when it comes to the differences between personal tax payers and those in business. Chista Group understands these differences so each business will be handled with the same professionalism, exceptionality and care that an individual tax payer receives.

  1. Prepare T1 personal tax returns
  2. Help to self-employed individuals
  3. Assist to non-residents who have property in Canada. Prepare relevant forms NR4 / NR6